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A Human Capital Solutions (HR) function is a critical component of employee well-being in any organisation, no matter how small. HR is not limited to payroll, benefits, hiring, and labour law but extends to a far more important role of building mutually beneficial relationships between the employer and employee in the workplace.

Most organisations do not have the staff or expertise to handle the nitty-gritty of HR – which is where businesses like Shiluvah can be used as an outsource of all your HR needs.
Shiluvah offers unique and customised human capital solutions for your organisation, taking the hassle out of human capital management therefore allowing you to concentrate on your business needs:

Human Capital Advice

All the human capital management advice you need over the phone or via email. We answer all your human capital management questions and provide solutions to any human capital changes you might be facing.

Human Capital Documents

Contracts, policies, letter forms or any human capital management document you will ever need drafted for you unique needs within 48 hours.

Human Capital Perform

Action oriented performance management solutions plus employee performance advice.

Human Capital Standard

Maintaining human employee standards is a vital part of any growing and successful organisation, and where standards aren’t met we are here to assist, be it chairing disciplinary hearing or ensuring fair labour practices are exercised at all times.

Human Capital Strategy

Talent management plays an important role in the organisation’s overall strategy as it manages one of its most important assets of the organisation- its people. When talent is managed well the result is overall growth and success within the organisation.

Human Capital

Your very own outsourced Human Resource Director attending to all your human capital needs.

Shiluvah has shown to be very competent and effective of their mandate – in meeting the needs of both employers and employees. They have contributed immensely to the stability and growth of our operations.

Chief Group Executive of Bokang AfricaLerato Mpobane


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