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Labour Law has the purpose to protect employees' rights and set forth employers' rights, obligations and responsibilities. The primary functions of Labour Law is to provide equal opportunity and pay, employees' physical and mental well-being and safety, and workplace diversity. Although many employers would still embrace sound business principles without legal mandates, employers need to use the structure that labour law provides to ensure that their operations are in compliance with the South African Labour Law.

Employment relationships are built on trust and the rights of parties. Employees and employers have very specific rights and obligations in terms of common law and labour legislation. Balancing these rights and obligations is extremely important and pivotal to a fair and successful employment relationship.

General employee rights

Employee right include (but not limited to):

Not to be unfairly dismissed or discriminated against

To be provided with appropriate resources and equipment

To have safe working conditions

To receive the agreed remuneration on the agreed date and time

To receive fair labour practices

To be treated with dignity and respect

To non-victimisation in claiming rights and using procedures

To leave benefits and other basic conditions of employment as stipulated in the BCEA.

General employer rights

Employer right include (but not limited to):

To expect employees to render the agreed services on the agreed days and times

To expect employees to perform under the employer’s authorization and obey all reasonable and lawful instructions issued

To expect employees to display good behavior in the workplace (to comply with company policy and procedure, and to comply with company Disciplinary Code and Procedure)

To expect employees to act in good faith, be loyal, and have the best interests of the employer at heart at all times

To expect employees to follow workplace rules, company policies and procedures and work performance standards

To expect employees to strive honestly toward work objectives, and to expect employees to adhere to product specifications and quality standards

To expect employees to use the employer’s prescribed resources and methods

To expect employees to report to him any dishonest or unlawful practices in the workplace, including any breaches of company policies and procedures.

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