Recruiting and Retaining a Winning Team

Kulani Shiluvane
Founder and Chief Consultant – Shiluvah

What are the key driving forces behind your business?

Is it your product?

Your service offering?

Is it your price offering on your product or services?


What drives your business and the real success behind your organisation is your Team. Therefore, if you want a growing and successful business, a business that is profitable and thriving, it is crucial that you have the right team driving your business. So how do you go about recruiting and retaining a winning team?

When recruiting personal for our businesses the prevalent mistake that we entrepreneurs tend to make is trying to find the best candidate with the appropriate educational credentials and experienced without taking in to consideration that this person is not only a sum of the above. And that who there are over and above their education and experience will have a great impact on the overall growth and success of our businesses. Therefore, when recruiting as well as trying to retain a winning team, take the following into consideration:

  1. Education and Experience aren’t everything:

While a candidate’s education and work experience play a significant role in your interest in them those should not be the only reason, they join your organisation. Who the person is over and above their education and work experience should be of great interest to the recruiter. Why? Well because who a person is as an individual will determine if you can work with them, weather they will fit in to the organisational culture and what attributes (both professional and otherwise) will they bring to the table that will drive growth and success in the business. While an MBA from a leading university and the right kind of experience might look good on a CV, the actual person could be a different story, a story you will regret reading. Get to know the person take your time listen to your gut and make sure that over and above education and experience that the person you are recruiting is the right person in all expects. After all hiring someone is easy, getting rid of them is a different story.

  1. Money isn’t everything:

Yes, money is important however money is only one of the factors that a candidate would choose to join or leave and organisation. The key here is, self-actualization. Your business may pay well, and I mean very well, however if there is no space in your business for people to self-actualize, your chances of recruiting and retaining a winning team will be very limited. People needed to feel like they are valued and what they bring to the table is also valued. Another big part of this is the need to feel like the individual is utilizing the potential to the maximum and that there is room for growth and advancement within the organisation.

  1. Organisational Culture:

The culture within any business setting or organisation plays a huge role in the kind of talent it attracts and keeps around, therefore it is vital for business owners to create an organisational culture (environment) is conducive is to such. How?

  • Be a team player – lead by example, get your hands dirty with you team and do not expect your team to do anything that you would do yourself.
  • Communication and Openness – effective communication, which includes listening, is vital in all good relationships, openness allows for freedom that natures the organisation, the team and the individual.
  • Embrace Diversity – diversity breads creativity and innovation, all of which leads to growth.
  • Recognition and Reward – always a recognize and rewards good work.
  • Fun – work needs to be Fun – with a capital F – no one wants to leave home, drive in traffic to a place and people that aren’t fun.

“Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people” – Steve Jobs. Listen to Steve Jobs and recruit and retain a winning team because the success of your business is in the hands of the people that make up your team.


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