Recruiting in Femicide South Africa

Kulani Shiluvane
Founder and Chief Consultant – Shiluvah

One of the services that we offer at Shiluvah is recruiting the best talent for our clients, a majority of which are SMME’s. SMME’s that do not have the budget for high raise buildings in well know locations, SMME’s that are still trying to make a name from themselves and grow into the well know organisations people have come to know and trust, who’s authenticity is unquestionable. And while such facts shouldn’t be a problem in when it comes to sourcing talent – in femicide South African it is and here’s why.

We were recently asked by one of our clients to source an Office Manager for their organisation. The job advert went out and CVs were received, vetted and candidates invited to interviews at our client’s premises, a house in a suburb in the Westrand Johannesburg. The interviews are scheduled for a Tuesday. The Friday before the interview we receive a message on our Facebook platform asking us where we are based, not giving it a second thought, we reply: Sandton Johannesburg. The individual then goes on to asked then why we did ask her to come to an interview in the Westrand, to which we asked if she is coming to an interview for the position in the Westrand. She says yes and then goes on to say that her brother has gone to check out the address and isn’t ‘comfortable’ with premises.

My heart sank.

While the job adverts clearly said that we are looking for an individual for this position on behalf of our client the currently climate in South African made this lady question all those facts.

Here is a young lady looking a for job and while she might excited at the opportunity, doing the best to ensure that she makes the best of it, at the forefront of all of this is her concern for her safety, after all how many young women have left home in recent days and returned home in a body bag? So, as the exchange went on, we did our best to reassure her that all is above board that we understand her concerns concerning the current climate in our country.

At the end of this conversation I needed a hug.

South African currently has an unemployment rate sit at ± 29% and more than half of that number is made up of women. Also, in South Africa research as shown that a woman is killed every four hours L. So, finding a job in South Africa is not simply applying, going to a job interview and waiting to hear the outcome, it has also become making sure that you come home from that interview. I do not know if this candidate will show up for the interview, I hope she does but if she didn’t, I wouldn’t blame her.

We often think about Femicide as a social issue, but this incident changed my thought process. So just in case we thought that Femicide is only a social is social issue, I have since learned that it is also an economic issue, one that is denying many women of their constitutional right to be economically active and safe while doing so.

This is sad, I am sad.


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