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About Us

Shiluvah is a Human Resource business management consultancy which offers dynamic, customised and integrated people management solutions. Our human capital solutions result in measurably improved employee and organizational performance and are designed to improve productivity, efficiency, communication and employee morale. We provide modern, proven methodologies and tools implemented by professional consultants who will assist with company workforce management whilst meeting strategic business needs.

"Policy - the success behind successful organisations."


Discover Our Expertise


HR, people, business, workplace, policies and procedures, job analysis and descriptions, employment contracts, employment equity.


Disciplinary matters, dispute mediation, strategic human resource initiatives, human resource strategy, performance consulting,performance management implementation.

Bullet Journal

Skills development planning and reporting, contractual obligations, company culture surveys, HR suits and job grading. 

The Team

Team Shiluvah is made up of only the best  consultants with the necessary qualifications and experience to meet the needs of your organisation. Through dedication, commitment and hard work we deliver exceptional work that meets our client’s needs.

Kulani Shiluvane

Founder and Chief Consultant

Kulani is an accomplished business development professional with a post-graduation qualification in Management from the University of the Witwatersrand. 

She is a skilled operation, logistic and strategic professional with experience in strategic planning and implementation, stakeholder engagement, human resources and public relations. Kulani severed as Chief Operations Officer in a medium-size organisation in Johannesburg for 9 years and in 2017 she started Shiluvah. Kulani has a keen interest in conflict resolution, problem solving and organisational relations. 

Accredited as a mediator by Conflict Dynamics in 2018, her mediation interest areas are: commercial dispute, workplace, management and labour.

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